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Girls On Top! is a high-energy dance band playing the greatest soul, funk, and R&B tunes from the 70’s & 80’s. Funny, smart, and playful, Girls On Top! doesn’t just play the songs you love to hear…we put on a hot show that has the crowd on their feet with an uncontrollable urge to shake their collective booty. GOT! is composed of 7 talented musicians, including 3 spirited and sassy female vocalists. The cure for the common cover band, Girls On Top! imbues every performance with theatricality, musicianship, and humor, encouraging the audience to get in on the fun. GOT! playing your event is a guaranteed good time for all!  

Girls On Top! also books under the name GOT! upon request.

Photo courtesy of Rick Morrison


From our start 21 years ago, Girls On Top! has set a tradition of three vibrant and theatrical front-women supported by a tight musical groove, with an emphasis on camaraderie and showmanship. Unlike ordinary cover bands, Girls On Top! is committed to providing a show that is as entertaining to watch as it is to listen to. We do not merely provide a musical backdrop for our audiences; we encourage engagement, interaction, and participation. The band’s sheer joy in performing together is dynamic and infectious, and leads the audience to want to get in on the action. This is the goal of every Girls On Top! Performance: to persuade the audience to be included in the fun, whether by dancing with wild abandon, by singing along to their favorite tunes, or by celebrating on the tables – provided that has been approved by the venue! 

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Painting by Jim Mayne Freeheart
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Girls On Top! is not a group of musical guns-for-hire, but an eclectic family of artists with a wealth of musical experience and backgrounds; the core of the group has been consistent for 21 years. We feel that our audiences deserve better than iPod versions of the songs we cover, so we arrange everything we perform as a collaborative group, with each member bringing their own varied tastes and aesthetics. The result is a polished version of the very best songs of the classic R&B genre - seasoned with influences from rock, pop, classical, jazz, and world music – which combine to create a unique sound and a musical footprint that can only belong to Girls On Top!

The audience-oriented, musically-collaborative nature of Girls On Top! is what sets the band apart, and has allowed us to retain our popularity over the last decade, with a strong community of supporters and fans. In fact, Girls On Top! is highly sought-after for local festival organizers and non-profit organizations because of our large audience draw to their events, and has repeatedly received accolades by the readers of the Boulder Daily Camera, Boulder Weekly and Colorado Daily, as runner up and honorable mention for the readers’ choice for Best Local Band.

Photo courtesy of Rick Morrison
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